The science resulting from skin research grows as every year goes by. In the decade since the Herbal Spray formulas gained substance on the landscape, this axiom has been reflected in the ingredients. These formulas strive to be stewards for something smart that you spray on your skin.

Herbal Spray products are a combination of Essential and Carrier Oils, Extracts, and purified water emulsified and Ph balanced in such a way to help slow the undesirable oxidization and subsequent neutralization of the fragile beneficial components such as Nepetalactone, Ellagic acid, and Catechins. There are no preservatives. However, there are essential oils that can cause fragrance allergy reactions in susceptible people, so patch testing prior to first use is advised.

The Geranium Formula has a more “perfumy” smell than Formula I, and does not contain as many oils and extracts. Formula I has some different key ingredients. It is more rugged and comes packaged in a 120 ml bottle (produces approx 900 fine mist sprays for approx 30 full body applications and works when upside down to facilitate spraying legs and feet.), or a 250ml HDPE plastic bottle with a trigger spray mister top (does not work when inverted). It has a more musty-minty smell than the Geranium formula, some have characterised it as a pleasant ‘earthy scent’. The aim with these formulas is to combine the beneficial properties imparted by the individual key ingredients into a synergistic emulsion which can be applied to the skin as a spray. Selected details on these ingredients can be obtained by following their links from the left sidebar, however for a more comprehensive overview of all the properties these individual ingredients are used for in different demographics, it is recommended to use a good search engine.