Maintenance for clogged mister tops

The the fine mist sprayers tend to clog in the Formula #1 bottles due to the presence of the dissolved PFE (Pomegranate Fruit Extract), and white tea extract. The inconvenience this causes is far outweighed by the benefits of having these ingredients. We have tried a pump style lotion dispenser but the formula is too thin for that to be convenient. In the long run we are hoping that perhaps foamer tops or trigger sprayers may be less prone to clogging and become the solution to this problem. In the meantime, if you experience a clogged sprayer, the following procedure may help to unclog it:

1: Remove the sprayer from the bottle over the sink so it does not drip onto the floor.
2: Remove the protector cap from the pump:

3: Remove the dip tube from the pump head:

4: Flush the dip tube under fast running water:

5: Invert the pump head and flush it under fast moving water while 'pumping' it to draw the water through the head and flush it through the pin hole orifice in the cap:

6: Re-assemble the pieces and insert the dip tube into a glass of water and see if it pumps water through the cap. If not, repeat the above procedure. When it works, pump the water out of the dip tube, and replace into the bottle.